April 29, 2016

SAMHSA Issues Updated Guidelines for Suboxone Use

By John Lavitt 03/11/16 The new advisory addresses whether medication-assisted treatment is “recovery,” and discusses duration and discontinuation. Photo via Jr de Barbosa/Wiki Commons The Substance […]
April 13, 2016

Clean needles save lives. Clean needles improve lives.

Opponents of needle exchange programs always make the same argument — especially now that the data overwhelmingly shows that they work. They claim that it “sends the wrong […]
April 13, 2016

Overdose Prevention Project….

Overdose Prevention Project…. You down with OPP, Yeah it saved me!
July 21, 2015
od kit

Drug Overdose

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in CT as well as the United States, causing more deaths than motor vehicle crashes. According to […]
June 29, 2015

Free Confidential Access to Naloxone!

What is Naloxone? Naloxone, (also known as Narcan®) is a medication called an “opioid antagonist” used to counter or reverse the effects of opioid overdose, for […]
May 7, 2015
Stop Hep

Hepatitis Awareness Month

May 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Hepatitis Awareness Month and the 4th National Hepatitis Testing Day (May 19) in the United States. Although care and […]